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in Cleveland, Ohio

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About Revery Rentals

Our name, "Revery," reflects what we hope to bring to your special day. It represents a dreamy, whimsical state of mind where imaginations soar. We offer rentals of high-end floral arches, altars, and aisle arrangements in the latest on-trend styles. Our services transform events in Northeast Ohio into magical landscapes, creating lasting memories and evoking a sense of reverie.

  • Authenticity

    We spent months searching the globe for the highest-quality flowers that are indistinguishable from real florals. Most of the flowers featured are exact replicas of real flowers, printed with material that both looks and feels real to the touch, including the greenery! 

  • Quality

    We use only the highest quality materials and flowers in our designs. Our team of designers are experienced and passionate about their craft, ensuring that every piece is a work of art.

  • Sustainability

    The fresh floral industry isn't environmentally friendly due to factors like chemical use, high resource consumption, and long transportation. By choosing our rental option, you're making a sustainable choice that reduces the overall environmental footprint of your event.